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Get a business loan for your exporting business from $5,000 to $300,000 in less than 24 hours!

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How does financing for SMEs work?

A fixed loan for SMEs is a loan whose amount varies according to the needs of the company. It is to be repaid in predefined regular installments until the loan and interest are paid in full.

SME loans

What are the eligibility criteria?

To qualify for a business loan, you must meet certain criteria:

Annual income: $100,000
The company operates in Canada
The company has been operating for at least 6 months
No active bankruptcy

Who can lend money to an SME?

In Quebec, there are several options available to SMEs to help them find financing.

Here are some of the most popular:

  • Bank loan: The bank loan is the most traditional method of financing, but often the least accessible given the wide range of requests from large banks.
  • Grants: Grants are an excellent source of funding for SMEs because they do not require repayment, although they are difficult to obtain in the majority of cases.
  • Private loan: If banks are not an option for your SME, you can obtain a loan from private lenders. By doing business with a reputable private lender, you can benefit from a lower interest rate than that offered by banks, as well as a higher amount.
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Why MicroCapital?

Our 100% Quebec-based company was created to offer Quebec SMEs a reliable, flexible and fast financing solution.

Satisfaction rate: 99.2%.
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We finance SMEs in over 700 different industries

Which industries are accepted?



commerce en ligne

Online shops

commerce de détail

Retail businesses

services professionnels

Professional Services




and more than 700 others…

At MicroCapital, we offer financing solutions tailored to the needs of your SME, whether to finance the salaries of your employees, the purchase of equipment, machinery or to meet any other need or emergency.

With a satisfaction rate close to 100%, we support Quebec SMEs in more than 700 different sectors to help them find the financing they need. What are you waiting for?

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